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This is an application store with over 300,000 apps and updates that install very quickly

This is an application store with over 300,000 apps and updates that install very quickly

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Aptoide is an easy way to create and share collections of Android apps.

If you’ve ever wanted to download Android apps without registering, create your own little libraries full of your favorite apps or filter out freely available apps that work for your device or fall into a certain category, Aptoide is for you.

If you’re tired of having to register your device or give your personal and financial details to certain other app sites, you’re going to love this! Aptoide has over 300,000 different apps available for instant download spanning a variety of categories like chat, games, utilities and even adult content as well.

The best feature of the app is the ability to create your own collections of apps, known as “stores”, that you can use to keep your apps organized and can be shared with others like friends and family. A store can be created around a theme (think games!) or around apps for a specific device (like your HTC One).

It’s important to point out that all apps in the repository are uploaded by others, not usually the official source. Downloading APK files from random sources is always a gamble, so you’ll want to be very careful about what and how you’re getting your Android application files on to your phone.

This brings us to the second problem with this app: the descriptions and rating classification are given by the person that uploaded it. This means that if someone uploads a pornographic game and labels it “Fun 3 Match Game” with a cool cartoon graphic of a fun puzzle game, there is no one that polices that and makes sure an app is actually what it says it is.

Which brings us to the third thing wrong with Aptoide: no parental controls. This app allows you to install anything and everything on to your phone or tablet, and there are no ways to filter out adult or even junk content.

We really like the premise of a little store on your phone that lets you install and share whatever apps you want, but there are too many holes. There is no quality control, no parental control, and no recourse when a fake app infects your device with a bunch of annoying adware.

Our judgment is you’re better off avoiding this app altogether.


  • Over 300,000 Apps Available If you’re not able to access any other sources for APKs, 300,000 can seem like a lot.
  • Create Your Own Stores and Collections Create and share collections of apps that you upload yourself or you find in others’ collections.
  • You Don’t Have to Register to Use It You won’t need to register an account or your devices to download APKs for your Android device.


  • Low Quality Content Many of the apps are low quality, some are even infected with malware and viruses.
  • Adult Content, No Parental Controls There’s no way to filter out pornographic and adult content when searching for apps.

Aptoide is an alternative application store with over 300,000 titles.

Users can customize the application to their personal preference, essentially creating a unique store that suits their tastes. Numerous filters and categories can sort through available applications. The store provides verification for official applications, but it does bypass security and parental controls.

Aptoide also manages the download and updates of the various applications. Users that don't like a newer update also have the opportunity to roll back to a previous version without having to go through any complicated hurdles. It's a simple application store that provides complete customization without having to worry about registration or manual updates.

Apotoide is an app store that does not require registration and is an alternative to Google Play. It boasts over 300,000 apps with quick installation. The rollback feature is useful and lets you go back to older versions of apps. You can customize the store using various filters. A potential con is that there are no parental filters. Also there is less of a guarantee of quality than you may have using Google Play.